Discussion topics

CloudViews 2011, in its third edition, moves a step forward by defying academia, business people and decision makers to think about their relationship with the clouds. “Cloud Computing & You”, the main theme of the third edition of CloudViews has as its main goal to raise awareness and analyse the impact of Cloud Computing on small and medium business (SME), as well as on individual users.

“Cloudviews 2011 – Cloud Computing & You”  wants to be a lively discussion with most of its energy focused on the following topics:

  • Cloud Elasticity
  • Cloud computing platforms interoperability
  • Data management
  • IT departments and cloud computing integration
  • User perspective – how Internet (the cloud) will become our PC
  • Encryption and security technologies
  • Predictability and provision platforms
  • SLAs monitoring and agreements contracts
  • Elastic networks
  • Companies and startup opportunities – how to become a cloud computing provider and how to use cloud computing to add (real) value to business